Terms of use


  • All prices stated on www.goldpoets.com are in EURO and inclusive 25% Danish VAT. Shipping costs are not included. 
  • For detailed shipping costs, see below. Creditcard fees will never exceed the fixed once from the credit card suppliers.
  • For payment Goldpoets only accepts the following credit cards: 

          Visa, EuroCard/MasterCard, Visa Electron, Mastercard Direct, Pay Pal.

  • In case of delivery outside EU the customer is obliged to bear the customs duties and further costs incurred. Customs policies vary widely from country to country, so the customer should contact the local customs office for further information. 
  • At the moment we do not offer tax-free purchases on orders from Non-EU countries.
  • If the package is not picked up by the customer and any kind off fee is added, the customer is responsible for the extra cost and will be charged all costs and expenses associated with the return-shipment. This includes freight charges, any extra payments, duties, taxes, levies, prepayments, returncharges, any additional fees, etc.
  • Goldpoets reserves the right to change the prices and is not responsible for any printing errors.
  • Banking: Nordea Reg. nr. 2274 Konto. 6887 597 667


Goldpoets will give a two-year guarantee on all products.  



Goldpoets is entitled to collect, process and use our customers’ data in accordance with applicable data protection law.

Goldpoets will only use the customer’s data for purpose which the data are provided for and/or for correspondence with the customer.

If necessary for the processing of payment, Goldpoets will transfer the customer’s payment data to the credit institute which is instructed with the payment.